Get a private tutor or gather a bunch of people and start your own group

For: individuals, small groups (2-5 participants) or medium sized groups (6-10 participants)
Location: your place, a convenient space in the region Deventer – Enschede or online
Duration: 15 lessons à 2 hours; approximately 2 hours of self-study per lesson
Time: to be discussed: late morning, afternoon or evening
Course options: A0 ⇒ A1; A1 ⇒ A2; A2 ⇒ A2+; A2+ ⇒ B1; B1 ⇒ B1+; B1+ ⇒ B2; B2 ⇒ B2+; B2+ ⇒ C1
Books: Nederlands in gang; Nederlands in actie; Nederlands op niveau; Nederlands naar perfectie; Taaltalent; In de startblokken; Op naar de eindstreep
Price: individual € 1500; small group € 1.800; medium sized group: € 2.200 (exempted from VAT; excl. book and travel expenses)